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The first OnePlus foldable smartphone will be the Oppo Find N, rumor says

See a new phone and think you’ve seen something eerily similar before? Increasingly that’s not just because all phones kind of look alike – there are also more and more rebrandings happening with every month that goes by. Xiaomi and its sub-brands Redmi and Poco are perhaps by far the guiltiest of playing this game, but Oppo and OnePlus are no strangers to it either. And according to a new rumor, they’re at it again.

Apparently there is going to be a OnePlus foldable smartphone this year, and it’s one we’ve already met – the Oppo Find N. By a different name, of course, but the source of today’s rumor insists that’s going to be the only actual difference between the two. Unfortunately there’s no information yet about when we should expect this model to arrive on the market, and honestly it can’t come soon enough – the Find N is an excellent device, which Oppo doesn’t want to launch internationally for some reason, even though it’s gathered by far the most interest, internationally, of any Oppo product in recent years.


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