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Rocket League’s opulent Season 7 makeover

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Rocket League Season 7 is here, and is dripping in gold and other showy, ostentatious accessories and details. Here, we’ve got a run down of all the rich new items and arenas you can get stuck into for Rocket League Season 7.

Rocket League Season 7 Patch notes

New Premium Battle Pass body — Maestro and other items

Rocket League Season 7

At Tier 1 of the Premium Rocket Pass this season, players can get their hands on the new Maestro body, modelled on a classic Rolls Royce. Keep going, and you can kit your new motor out in style with some old-school pinstriping at Tier 2, a gilded glitter trail at Tier 14, and the gorgeous, glittering Halcyon wheels at Tier 26. With the usual 100 Tiers to get through, there’s plenty of sumptuous style choices to collect.

Free Battle Pass Items

You can trick the system without splashing out on a Premium Pass, though, as still flash some cash with the Fat Stacks Topper, featuring a chunky wallet design, perhaps full of Rocket League winnings? And maybe you could use some of that cash to get a new fade at the barbershop, with the animated Barbershop wheels, available at Tier 48. There are also a couple of new Titles available in the free Rocket Pass track to show off your personality. Too cool for school? Adorn your profile with the Chic Geek title. A little too frugal and can’t bear to part with those Credits? Then the Credit Hoarder title might be for you instead, available at Tier 43.

Utopia Coliseum Arena gets gold plated

Utopia Coliseum Gilded Rocket League Season 7

Keeping up with the all-that-glitters-is-gold theme, Utopia Coliseum has had a season 7 makeover, and the Gilded variant is just that – coated in gold. Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) can be found in all Online Playlists.

Wear your pride in your paintwork

In addition to the season’s offerings, Rocket League is celebrating Pride Month this June with the Shine Through bundle, available for free from the Item Shop before July 12, 2022.

The bundle includes a Paint Finish, Sequin, which gives any paint color a new, shimmering look. You can also adorn any of your vehicles with the new Multichrome Tiara Topper, showing all the colours of the Pride flag. Finally, four new Player Anthems will be added to your collection, including Trixie Mattel’s “Hello, Hello” and Adore Delano’s “I Adore U”.

Sequin Paint Finish Rocket League Shine Through

When does Rocket League Season 7 start and end?

Rocket League Season 7 kicked off on June 15, 2022. The season will run for just under three months, ending on September 7, 2022, coinciding with both the RLCS Spring Major and World Champs.

We’ll be in attendance at the Rocket League Spring Major in London on June 2 and 3. Be sure to bookmark our Rocket League hub for the latest interviews and results live from the event, as well as other RL news and updates in the meantime..

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