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Qimic Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote 920 mAh Battery, Auto Balance Stabilizer for iPhone & Android


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Product Description



22 What makes our gimbal stabilizer different?

More smoother

Equipped a smart chip which helps you take sharper photos and smoother videos. Try our latest gimbal now and gives you an amazing shooting experience.

More Convenient

This 1-axis gimbal stabilizer can be rotated 270 degrees, allows you to adjust your phone horizontally or vertically to find the best angle for your shots. No App required, only need a Bluetooth remote control, you can easily enjoy video shooting.

Capture Your Moments with Smoother Video

QIMIC latest well-designed gimbal stabilizer

QIMIC has always explored the fusion of technology and collected customer’s needs to create amusing products. After hundreds of tests, we released this gimbal.

It equipped 920 mAh battery and used a lighter aluminum rod, which only weights 218g. Adopted the powerful gyroscope, high-precision motor control, no matter how rough the road you are walking or how fast of your speed, it can keep your video stable and record precious moment.

In the Box

Gimbal Stabilizer*1 Charging Cable*1 Storage Pouch*1 User Manual*1

Qimic 1-Axis GIMBAL STABILIZER is born for filming your live. Everyone can direct his/her own interesting VLOG.

Grip the gimbal, go out to record & share what you saw & how you feel about this world. Everyone can be a director easily. When you see these videos you recorded a few years ago, you will get a special sense of happiness!

Do you have the following troubles:

1. Wanna to record scenery you see when you ski, skateboard or drive on the road, but the road is so rough that the video is not stable.

2. Wanna to professionally shoot the scenery and the wide range of changes over a long period of time, but there is no professional equipment or the equipment is too heavy to carry.

3. Wanna to shoot a vlog to record your daily life or some interesting moments, but haven’t found a small professional device which is easy to operate and record your life smoothly.

4. Wanna to shoot high-quality video but suffer from the 3-axis gimbal is too expensive and your budget is limited.

5. Some 1-axis gimbals are unstable and easily falls over when the wind comes. So need a gimbal with strong tripod.

Choose Qimic gimbal stabilizer, your troubles will no longer exist.

Why Choose QIMIC?


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: when I turn on the gimbal, it suddenly has a beep sound then the gimbal turns off, is it broken?

A: Looks like you locked the locking key, please be sure the phone holder is unlocked otherwise it will have a beep sound and automatically turns off after a few sec. You need to turn the phone support clip clockwise to unlock it.

2. Q: Click the M key gimbal doesn’t rotate as advertise? Even though the Bluetooth remote connected to my phone successfully.

A: It was because the remote not being paired with the motor and the solution is as follows:

Make sure the gimbal is unlocked (clockwise rotate the phone clip to unlock the gimbal first)

1). Turn on the gimbal first until the green light shows

2). Press and hold the M button for 2 seconds first (Remote Control), then turn on the remote control

3). Then the remote control is automatically paired with the gimbal successfully

3. Q: Can’t find the Bluetooth named “QIMIC WS-21006”?

A: Connecting to Bluetooth for the first time requires multiple attempts. And make sure that no other mobile phones are connected.

4. Q: Remote control “Camera” key can not take pictures?

A: Gimbal works by connecting to Bluetooth to shoot, so you need to set the volume button of your phone as the shutter. You can change this setting in your camera setting.

5. Q: Unbalanced phone?

A: Please calibrate the gimbal according to the instructions. Hold the gimbal with both hands, keep the balance direction, and press the power button four times in quick succession, and you will hear a beep, calibration is complete. And please put your phone in the center of clip to keep better balance.

Key Features







Multi-angle Shooting

Click once on the “M” button of the remote control, the stabilizer will automatically rotate 90°, you can arbitrarily adjust the direction.

Well-designed Phone Clamp

Different from other phone holders, our clip design well solves the trouble that phone side buttons often being stuck when putting phone to the stabilizer.

Semi-automatic Lock

If the stabilizer is out of power, turn the phone clip counter-clockwise and push it into the lock, you can use it as a normal selfie stick.







Freely Extend Rod

Built-in 16.5 inches aluminum alloy extendable rod, longer than normal selfie stick. Suitable for capturing more scenery, taking selfies and vlogs.

Super Steady Tripod

Besides the rod of tripod, the anti-slip rubber on the bottom also increases the stability of the tripod. No need to worry that it will tip over.

Rechargeable Remote Control

The remote control can be used with the Type-C charging cable. No need to buy expensive batteries for replacement.


【MINI Gimbal Stabilizer】 QIMIC 1-axis gimbal stabilizer combines human aesthetics and structural mechanics to achieve intelligent stabilization, multi-functional wireless remote control (10m control distance), high capacity battery (920mAh), compact design (6.6*2.4*1.2inch), and lightweight (7.5oz), help you record precious moments anytime. 5-segment telescopic pole, flexible and convenient. Suitable for iOS 5.0 or Android 4.3 and above.
【Multi-functional Wireless Remote】 Magnetic structure makes easy to load. The rechargeable remote works longer without frequently replace the battery. No APP required. 3 buttons on the remote independently control the phone to take photos and turn the gimbal. Click the “M” button to automatically rotate and switch between portrait and landscape shooting mode; double-click the “M” button to take an incredible Inception video, bring a shocking movie feel.
【Selfie Stick & Phone Holder】 5-segment telescopic aluminum alloy pole can be extended to 60cm, made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with anodized surface treatment technology, sturdy and durable, scratch-resistant surface. Our original design of the self-locking clasp enables free switching between the selfie stick, phone tripod and gimbal. Extra-long support legs with a linking rod structure make the tripod more stable.
【Intelligent Anti-shake Algorithm】 Using 32-bit ARM processor, equipped with a high-precision motor and 6-axis acceleration gyroscope, unique anti-shake algorithm system, automatic balance, Real-time adjustment according to the gimbal posture. Eliminating image blur, achieving non-destructive anti-shake, better capture dynamic shooting objects, easy to shoot high-quality video and selfie images.
【Explore More Play Ways】 Lower body’s center of gravity and move the lens as close to the ground as possible. When the lens is lowered and shot upward, it will present a shocking picture effect. Low-angle shooting can focus on a part of the subject (such as legs walking capture, pets following shot), or you can shoot a wider picture, all of these will present different wonderful pictures. We also expect you to discover more shooting methods.

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Qimic Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote 920 mAh Battery, Auto Balance Stabilizer for iPhone & Android


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