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Pacrate Gaming Headset for PC, PS4,PS5,Xbox Series X,Xbox One, Mac, Nintendo, Laptop with Noise Cancelling Microphone-Wired Gaming Headset-Ear Mounted Soft Storage PS4 Headset with LED Light


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Product Description

TOP 5 REASONS Why People Throw Away Their Headset

ps4 gaming headsetps4 gaming headset

How to choose an amazing gaming headset?

We spent 13 months dismantling 116 popular gaming headsets, investigated 11052 gamers’ experience of headsets (6837 for men and 4215 for women), then calculated the following TOP 5 REASONS why players complained about their headsets.

After such pain points are fully studied and addressed, we designed the current gaming headset: GH-1.

REASON 1: Poor sound quality makes people bored and does harm to hearing.





gaming headset

gaming headset

Do you still have to endure this terrible sound?

Sound quality is the most complained pain point, especially for cheap headsets. Never overestimate your tolerance for poor sound effect.

There are only 40000 hearing cells in human inner ear, and they are not renewable. Poor headsets provide distorted stone-like sound, which can kill them one by one after listening for a long time, resulting in hearing loss, especially for kids.

Poor headsets sound like old-fashioned radios, while high-quality headsets are similar to a set of high-spirited home theater, the main difference lies in their speakers.

50mm KO 40mm

Most headsets on the market are equipped with 40mm ordinary speakers. After comparing 51 kinds of speakers, we choose such one:

1. Neodymium magnets with 10 times magnetic force, 50mm speakers : whose heavy bass is 40% stronger than 40mm ;

2. The high sensitivity Pu + PET composite membrane, 15% better than the normal membrane in mid and 20% better in treble;

If you care about bass, even if you don’t buy our headset, it is not recommended to buy a headset with 40mm speakers, because the bass of the 40mm speaker is a big lie.

Please stop murdering your ears.

Headsets are like myopia glasses, eyeglasses with wrong prescription will damage your eyes, and poor sound earphones will damage your ears too.

In order to address this problem, we strictly follow the Harman response curve to tune our speakers and cavity. Harman curve is the Oscar in the field of headsets. It is a distortion standard to measure the most comfortable sound of headsets.

Here, we’d like to thank 6 professional game teams such as FTD. Without them 12 times to help us test products and professional suggestions, we would not have the confidence to challenge the sound quality of professional big brand headsets at a lower cost.

REASON 2: Tightly clamped ears, very UNCOMFORTABLE!

ps4 headset

ps4 headset

xbox headset

xbox headset

headset ps4

headset ps4

Does your ear have to endure abuse all the time?

There are arterial blood vessels around the ear. Poorly designed headsets will press them tightly, hinder blood circulation, and easily cause ischemic reactions such as ear pain, ear burning, and dizziness.

Please be kind to your ears!

5 stars experience for your ears!

We have fully considered the above situation, counted the head and ear data of 1,100 people (aged from 5 to 55 years old), and strictly designed the size of the earmuffs so that it can completely contain your ears and liberate your auricles. Use soft and skin-friendly PU Leather ear cushions to buffer the pressure on the ears, it feels like cotton.

The weight of the headset is controlled below 300g, and the high-elastic stainless steel shrapnel is carefully selected to reduce the natural pressure to 2.59N, with 20% smaller than most headsets.

Adjustable head beam for your whole family

Based on our head statistics above, we designed a retractable head beam that is not loose or tight, and can be suitable for different age groups from grandsons aged 5 to grandpas aged 55.

We have also optimized it specifically for players wearing glasses. Although our headphones can be worn for 4h without being uncomfortable, we still recommend giving your brain a rest after wearing them for 2 hours.

REASON 3: Inferior noisy microphones are easy to break. It’s So Embarrassed to be complained by teammates.

ps4 headset

ps4 headset

ps4 headset

ps4 headset

ps4 headset

ps4 headset

Are you willing to throw away the whole headset because of a broken microphone?

We have statistically found that after using a gaming headset for a period of time, the microphone is often damaged. The main causes are: static electricity, drops, and moisture.

For this phenomenon, we have adopted a high-sensitivity condenser microphone with strong antistatic ability, and also added anti-drop and moisture-proof design, so that the life of the microphone is extended by 75% on average compared with most headsets.

Can you tolerate the annoying noise of teammates’ microphone?

Our mic is cardioid microphone, which picks up sound well from the front and sides(mouth’s position) but poorly from the rear(ambient noise). They’re named for the fact that their directional sound pick-up is roughly heart-shaped in nature. Besides it keep silent status when no talking. By comparison, we have a 30% better noise reduction effect than normal headsets.

You will no longer be complained by your teammates about loud ambient noise or background current noise.

Your privacy is very important to us.

You could fold up the microphone when not using it. We also designed In-Line Volume Control which can turn off the microphone quickly to protect your privacy. At the same time, it’s very easy to adjust the volume.

In addition, we use nylon braided wire adopted by high-end headsets, which is stronger, more durable, harder to bend, harder to roll, and more resistant to dirt than the rubber wires of other headphones.

REASON 4: Poor sound localization ability. On the battlefield, 0.5s slower means death.

ps4 headsetps4 headset

Locate enemies quickly without 7.1 surround sound

We consulted physiologists and found that humans have spatial positioning based on the difference in loudness and time difference between the sounds received by both ears. Therefore, we use a higher sensitivity PU+PET composite diaphragm speaker to reflect subtler loudness difference.

At the same time, high-quality copper wire are used to reduce transmission delays and distortion, and the sound insulation design of the ear cups is optimized to reduce the interference of external noise on the subtle footsteps of the enemy. Finally, the stereo surround sound comparable to 7.1-channel gaming headsets is obtained. Such these can help you easily identify the enemy’s location, avoid sneak attack.

REASON 5. Poor compatibility, PC and PS4 cannot share one headset.

xbox headset

xbox headset

xbox headset

xbox headset

xbox headset

xbox headset

Just one headset is enough

We have considered the respective use occasions of your headphones, and designed a separate cable for sound and microphone, so that it can fit any independent input device of headphones and mic, which means you can connect PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo, smartphone directly , or connected PC via the included adapter cable.

This is not only a nice helper to play games, its excellent sound quality is more suitable for you to enjoy music.

Please check if your Xbox controller has a 3.5mm port.

The Xbox one is special. The old version does not have a separate 3.5mm audio jack, which means that you cannot connect any headsets. Unless you have an headset adapter (we do not provide), so you can connect most of the headsets, including our headphones.

The good news is that the new version(including the Xbox One S) has this 3.5mm interface, and you can use our headsets directly.

Cool lights ignite your enthusiasm

There is a radiant hero in every player’s heart, and we have designed cool LED lighting effects to wake it up and inspire your courage to go forward without fear.

The LED is lit through the USB interface, which has only the power supply function and no audio transmission function.

No brothers, No game, we’ll always be with you.

pc headsetpc headset

All for glory. All for your ears

Obviously, GH-1 is not the best gaming headset. What we want to do is to continuously improve people’s gaming experience behind every detail.

Hoping such kind of game experience could be better, and better…

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 22 x 21 x 9.8 cm; 350 Grams
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 17 Dec. 2019
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Shenzhen Huafeng Chuangfu Trade Co.,Ltd
Item model number ‏ : ‎ GH-1

【Multi-Platform compatibility with plug and play】 Pacrate 3.5MM Headset supports PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox One XS controller, Nintendo Switch/3DS, PSP, PC, Laptop, Computer, Tablet, iPad mobile phone. NOTE: PS3 and Xbox One of the old version require an additional adapter(NOT INCLUDED) to support. Plug and play. USB interface to control LED lights ONLY.

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Pacrate Gaming Headset for PC, PS4,PS5,Xbox Series X,Xbox One, Mac, Nintendo, Laptop with Noise Cancelling Microphone-Wired Gaming Headset-Ear Mounted Soft Storage PS4 Headset with LED Light


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