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How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact

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Cooking is one of Genshin Impact’s many gameplay mechanics. By cooking food, players can heal their party, regenerate their stamina and even increase their stats for a period of time. But when cooking certain dishes, you might find they require ingredients that you don’t have. While most of these can be brought from certain shops in-game, you can also process them for free if you’re feeling a little more Mora-savvy. That is, if you have the required ingredients. Keep reading to find out how you can process ingredients in Genshin Impact, and save yourself a little money.

How to Process Ingredients

To process ingredients, you simply need to go to any lit cooking pot, like you would do to cook. On the left of your screen, you’ll see a knife and fork icon that’s lit up. Below, you’ll see a chili pepper icon. Click it, and you’ll enter the Process menu.

Genshin Impact Processing Menu

Now, all that’s left for you to do is click on the ingredient you want to process. If you have all the ingredients required to process a certain ingredient, its icon will be solid. If you don’t have all the ingredients you need, the icon will be faint. Like with food items, the icons are colour-coded to convey the quality of the different ingredients.

You won’t get your new ingredients right away. Instead, you’ll have to wait different lengths of real-life time before your tasty treats are ready to be collected.

List of All Processed Ingredients

Flour 1 Wheat
Raw Meat 1 Chilled Meat
Fish 1 Catch-able Fish
Cream 1 Milk
Smoked Fowl 3 Fowl + 1 Salt
Butter 2 Milk
Ham 2 Raw Meat + 1 Salt
Sugar 2 Sweet Flowers
Crab Roe 4 Crab
Cheese 3 Milk
Bacon 2 Raw Meat + 2 Salt
Sausage 3 Raw Meat
Jam 3 Sunsettia + 2 Berries + 1 Sugar

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