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Core Keeper Wood Farm Guide: Big farms and automated methods

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One of the unique things about Core Keeper is that there is always a reason to farm early game materials. One such material is wood, which plays an important role throughout the game. It is required for a variety of base building functions, along with the new boat building feature added in the Sunken Sea update. So, efficiently farming wood is desirable. Below we will teach you how to make your own Core Keeper wood farm.

How to make a wood farm in Core Keeper

There are two methods you can use to make your own wood farm in Core Keeper. The first is the wild and free method. All you need to do is place a wood seed and then water it on a tilled dirt patch and then you’re good. You will need a watering can to water a floor block, along with a How to till the ground Make the area as big as possible and then plant several while trying to avoid being near other wood cores, that way you can maximize your branches growing out in a number of directions. Below is an example of an early wood farm we let grow for when we need some quick wood and we can manually tend it.

Core Keeper Wood Farm 1

However, if you’re well progressed in a save world, then you can create automated farms. The automated farms can be made once you have a reliable source of Scarlett Ore, which comes from the Azeos Wilderness. The reason why is because it is a necessary part of making Drills and other electronics.

When you have the Drills unlocked, you then place Drills two blocks from a wood sapling, which will automatically attack wooden blocks when they grow. You will then place conveyor belts behind it and then transport the wood to a cran, which will move it to a storage box to its side. You can then stack drills facing a line of tree palings to then attack the wood and produce wood passively over time.

Using the automated method means you will naturally get wood over time, even while you’re out and about in the world. Feel free to use the method more appropriate for the situation you are in. Also, you can do this with the new coral wood, which was added in the Sunken Sea update. You will need to farm this wood if you plan on making the Speeder boat, or using the new coral wood blocks for decoration.

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