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Blizzard Entertainment reveal Overwatch 2 Junker Queen skills and seasonal updates

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Blizzard Entertainment is back with more information on Overwatch 2, thanks to the recent June 16 stream that took place. We knew we were getting more details about the console beta and the Junker Queen, but now we know that there’s even more, such as announcing new seasons and how the free-to-play Overwatch 2 multiplayer will work.

Everything new from the Overwatch 2 reveal event

Overwatch 2 Season 2

Overwatch 2 Seasonal updates

Blizzard confirms they plan to make big updates and change things every nine weeks,  along with confirming there will be big seasonal content, which comes with either a new map, or hero, along with new battle passes for the season, including many new skins and customizations

The second season of Overwatch 2 will launch on December 6. When Overwatch 2 Season 2 goes live, there will be a new tank character, along with a new map, skins and a battel pass. Then there will be Season 3 sometime in 2023, which date is yet to be decided. Future seasons will have either a new map or hero and more skins, maybe even a battle pass, depending on the length of time.

Blizzard also teased a brand new support hero coming in the months ahead. We know nothing about it officially as of yet. The chances are that character will launch officially alongside Sojourn and the Junker Queen when the game launches for free to play in October.

Lastly, Blizzard also announced that they are removing the loot boxes from Overwatch 2. The skins will instead be earned via the battle pass system, which better fits the new free-to-play model that Blizzard wants to invest in.

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Skills and Abilities

Blizzard has made a cinematic story regarding Junker Queen, showing some of the lore of the character. The tailer feature as part of the Overwatch 2 Reveal event. It was just a brief explanation of the backstory and a song that went with it.

We then got a new look at the actual character in the game, along with confirmation Junker Queen will be playable in the upcoming console and PC beta on June 28. We know that she is a tank character, and she has a giant axe and some form of repeater weapon, and that she can throw the blade with her secondary fire, which she can then recall the blade, which can pull enemies closer to her if they get stabbed with it. The other core skills is a shout, which adds armor and reduces the damage her allies take, which gives her solid team utility, as she is the only tank on the team than to the 5v5 change. This should, in theory, make her good in Overwatch 2 as she is the first tank designed for the 5v5 changes.

Her ultimate ability is Rampage, which while around her and she dashes to enemies. She then wounds enemies who are hit and then drags them along with her to her destination. Those wounded will then take reduced healing damage while the debuff lasts. Overall, she seems to be a very interesting character and seems interesting as the first new tank character for Overwatch 2.

It also seems like she works best on tight nit and narrow maps that she can tank on, as the benefit her grip, charge and her buff skill for her allies.

For those interested, you can catch the Junkerqueen trailer below.

Competitive 2.0

There is going to be something called the competitive 2.0. There is going to be a reworked match history, statistics, and new scoreboards in-game. I should help players learn where they are making mistakes, and see how they compare with other players in the game. 

There is also going to be a skill tier, rather than skill ranks as they were in Overwatch. It should help separate players into different brackets, rather than defining ranks via specific numbers within a tier. Moving a tier should feel rewarding and helo to recognize how similar players are within a skill tier.

New maps

We know that Blizzard is adding more maps to the game thanks to the beta, but we know there’s even more coming. B izzard has revealed that there is going to be a new Portuguese map, which adds a whole new destination to the game. We also know the Portugal map will be a Push game mode map. S fans of Push will be able to enjoy this map and check it out sometime in the distant future.

Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins and cosmetics

Personalization in games has changed a lot in gaming, and now Overwatch2 is following that trend. B izzard has confirmed that the game is going to get new gun buddies and charms, similar to those you can find in games like Rainbow Six Siege. There are also going to be new banners that you can place to personalize your vanity alongside the spray stickers. M reso, there are going to be Mythic skins, which are like super detailed skins which a character will get every season. It is not quite clear how these mythic skins are earned, but chances are they are big unlocks or purchases only available within that season.

Overwatch 2 PVE

We know that Overwatch 2 is getting a PvE game, and we got more content regarding that. W know the PvE will be a live service, adding new stories over time. Moreso, the characters in the game are going to link with maps in the game already. For example, Torbjorn is going to be a major part of the Gothenburg map, as he resides in that city. We will also get some more stories explored from the lore already in the game, along with more stories that will naturally progress through Overwatch 2 itself.

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